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Autoantigen Microarray


Autoantibodies are associated with various autoimmune diseases and dysregulation of the immune system. Profiling of autoantibodies against a broad range of autoantigens is a powerful tool for identification of biomarkers and for prediction and diagnosis of diseases.


A contact printing robot covalently attaches nanoliter volume of proteins to a nitrocellulose coated glass surface, the hybridization of autoantibodies present in the samples onto the coated antigens is detected by fluorescent tagged secondary antibodies.

Key Features

  • Our Core Facility has established a powerful high-throughput Autoantigen Microarray platform for profiling over 270 autoantibody specificities with as little as 5μl of serum.
  • Our autoantigen arrays have been used by hundreds of investigators from different institutions world-wide. Data generated by using our autoantigen arrays have contributed to dozens of high-impact peer-reviewed publications.