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Affymetrix is a microarray platform that can evaluate the mRNA gene expression profile of thousands of genes in a single experiment.


The oligonucleotide probes on the array are hybridized with cRNA copies that are made invitro in the presence of biotinylated ribonucleotides. After hybridization, the chip is stained with streptavidin-phycoerythrin and scanned.

Key Features

  • High throughput analysis of gene expression and CNV.
  • We can perform gene level and transcriptome level analysis.
  • Gene-level view of the human transcriptome with Clariom S assays (human, mouse, rat) gives accurate measurement of gene expression from >20,000 well-annotated genes. The system can utilize RNA samples from blood, cells and fresh/frozen or FFPE tissues.
  • Full coverage of the transcribed genome including all known coding and non-coding splice variants can be done with Clariom D assays (human, mouse, rat). Compatible with clinical sample types, and flexible data analysis software. Serves as premier tool for translational researchers performing complex expression biomarker discovery studies and wanting the fastest path to robust, clinically relevant, and actionable results.