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Pathogen-Genome Sequencing Nanopore MRL


This assay uses Oxford nanopore technology to generate long-read sequencing data on microbial samples. This assay generates long sequencing reads for complete genome assembly. Assay requires about 500-1000ng high molecular weight genomic DNA as input. The greater overlap offered by long sequencing reads enhances genome assembly by providing longer continuous, unambiguously assembled sequences, resulting in fewer contigs. Accurately resolve structural variants and repeat regions, and characterize base modifications (e.g., methylation), fusion genes, and haplotype phasing, with Oxford nanopore long reads.


We use the following commercially available kits and platforms for sequencing library preparation and sequencing.

  • Nanopore Native Barcoding kit
  • R9.4.1/ R10 flow cell
  • MinION/Mk1c/GridION

Key Features

  • Long sequencing reads
  • Unambiguous identification of structural variants i.e. Insertions, Deletions, etc.
  • Accurate read alignments
  • No PCR bias