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Shotgun-Metagenomics Illumina MRL


The Shotgun-Metagenomics is an assay used to study microbial communities using the whole genome sequencing approach. DNA extracted from all the cells in a community is subsequently sheared into tiny fragments that are independently sequenced. This results in DNA sequences that align to various genomic locations for the myriad genomes present in the sample, including non-microbes. Some of these reads will be sampled from taxonomically informative genomic loci (e.g., 16S), and others will be sampled from coding sequences that provide insight into the biological functions encoded in the genome. As a result, metagenomic data provides the opportunity to simultaneously explore both structure and potential functions of a microbial community: who is there and what they are capable of doing. Sequencing depth range 100-200 Million reads per sample.


We use the following commercially available kits and platforms for sequencing library preparation and sequencing.

  • KAPA Biosystem DNA library prep
  • Nextera DNA Flex from Illumina
  • NextSeq550-High Output Flow cell
  • NovaSeq6k-S4

Key Features

  • Whole genome data based characterization
  • Gene function prediction
  • Potential pathway prediction
  • Antibiotic potential prediction