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Pathogen-Genome Sequencing on Illumina


Whole-genome sequencing (WGS) is a comprehensive assay for analyzing the entire genome. This assay generates deep sequencing data on genomic DNA extracted from bacterial culture or clinical isolates. About 500-1000 ng of high complexity genomic DNA is required for sequencing library preparation using kits from KAPA biosystem, Illumina, etc. Genomic fragments of 300-500bp size are ligated with Illumina recommended adapters containing unique barcodes or Unique Molecular Identifiers (UMIs). These libraries can be sequenced on MiSeqDx, HiSeq or NextSeq platforms to achieve 70-100 fold sequencing coverage across the entire genome.


We use the following commercially available kits and platforms for sequencing library preparation and sequencing.

  • Illumina FLEX DNA/ KAPA Biosystem Library prep Kits
  • MiSeqDX 300 cycle Flow cell
  • NextSeq550 150 cycle Flow cell
  • NovaSeq 6K PE150 sequencing

Key Features

  • Full-length transcripts
  • Unambiguous identification of splice variants and fusion events
  • Accurate isoform quantification
  • No PCR bias
  • Detects base medications (epigenetic changes) alongside nucleotide sequence