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Our team has extensive experience in quantifying biomarkers in samples (serum, plasma, CSF and cell culture supernatant). We will work with you and help you find and perform appropriate commercially available assay or customize panels as per your requirements.


The Luminex® xMAP® technology is a bead-based immunoassay that allows for multiplex detection of up to 80 analytes simultaneously. Using dual laser flow-based detection, the first laser classifies the bead and identifies the analyte, the second laser detects the PE derived signal from the detected antibody bound to the analyte hence directly quantifying the marker of interest. Unlike ELISA assays that are dependent on colorimetric detection, Luminex is dependent on a fluorescence reporter system.

Key Features

  • High intra-assay precision
  • Excellent standard curve recovery
  • Strict acceptance criteria, Standard, controls and samples if assayed in replicates must not have CV greater than 15%
  • Proper handling and storage of sample
  • High sample throughput, quick turnaround and very economical
  • Regular maintenance of the instrument to maintain data integrity and reproducibility
  • Custom panels can be procured from Biorad (Bio-Plex Multiplex Immunoassays), ThermoFisher Scientific (ProcartaPlex Immunoassays), R&D systems (High Performance Panels & Luminex Assay Panels) and Millipore Sigma (Milliplex Multiplex Assays Using Luminex)