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Bacterial RNA Sequencing


RNA sequencing or RNA-seq is a next-generation sequencing (NGS) based assay to quantify the gene expression. It is a method of choice for the study of differential gene expression. In this assay, we construct a sequencing library on total RNA and perform high depth sequencing to capture the number of transcripts per gene. This assay requires high integrity RNA (RNA integrity number >7) as input for sequencing library construction followed by deep sequencing on Illumina platform.


We use the following commercially available kits and platforms for sequencing library preparation and sequencing.

  • Zymo Research/KAPA Biosystem/Illumina, RNA Library prep Kits
  • NextSeq 550 SE75 sequencing
  • NextSeq 550 PE75 sequencing
  • NovaSeq 6K PE150 sequencing

Key Features

High resolution gene expression analysis