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16S V3-V4 Amplicon Sequencing


This assay sequences targeted hypervariable regions i.e. v3-v4 of Bacterial 16S rRNA gene for identification and taxonomic classification of bacterial communities in a given specimen. We provide services to sequence various hypervariable regions (V1-V9) of 16S rRNA gene for bacterial taxonomy and phylogeny. Customers can select the hypervariable region/s based on their sample source and study aims. We input about 10-100 nanogram DNA for this assay.


We use the following commercially available kits and platforms for sequencing library preparation and sequencing.

  • Zymo Research Library prep Kits
  • MiSeqDx 500 cycle sequencing
  • MiSeqDx 600 cycle sequencing

Key Features

OTU clustering analysis for microbiome profiling