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Single cell surface protein profiling-10XGenomics MRL


Single cell surface protein profiling: This assay captures cell surface protein signatures. Cell surface proteins can be labeled using a specific antibody conjugated to a Feature Barcode oligonucleotide. This assay uses a Gel Bead-in-Emulsion (GEMs) concept to capture individual cell signals. In this workflow, two libraries are constructed that include a 3’ gene expression library and one Feature barcode library. RAW sequencing data is analyzed using the Cell Ranger pipeline and visualized through Loupe browser tools.


We use the following 10X Genomics kits and platforms for sequencing library preparation and sequencing.

  • Chromium Next GEM Single cell 3’ Kit v3.1
  • 3’ Feature barcode kit, 16 rxn
  • Dual Index Kit TT Set A 96rxn
  • Chromium Next GEM Chip G Single cell kit, 16 rxn
  • Library constructions kit, 16 rxn
  • NovaSeq6k-S4

Key Features

  • Reveal cell surface protein and gene expression from the same cell
  • Understand diverse CRISPR-mediated perturbations at single cell resolution
  • Single cell gene expression analysis
  • High resolution cell type characterization
  • Precise cell surface gene expression
  • Cell type composition

Third-Party Resources

Cell Ranger and Loupe Browser | Single cell data analysis and data visualization tools

The Loupe Browser is a desktop application that provides interactive visualization functionality to analyze data from different 10x Genomics solutions. Cell Ranger and Loupe Browser